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Improve Customer Satisfaction & Reduce opertaional costs


  • Audit operation

Audit all aspects of the operation to identify improvements opportunities and establish improvement / corrective actions. Audit can be focused on pain area or can cover all aspects including customer experience, operations , workforce management, quality management, hiring and training of call center.


  • Copc Certification

COPC certification is a long and demeaning journey, but very rewarding s the COPC is focused on call center customer satisfaction and cost management. Our consultants have walked this journey before and helped other call center walk it. We can coach and guide your team towards successful certification.


  • Improvement workshops

Our experienced consultants will meet with your team to discuss their concerns and come up with practical solutions. Whether it is It's not only providing the solution, rather developing it with your team to ensure buy-in.


Technologies to imporve customer satsitfaction


  • Workforce management.

Optimizing the workforce is essential in managing costs. Balancing capacity with calls taking into consideration agents special requirements, marketing events, training, turn over and many other factors can be really tricky. Our workforce application takes care of planning, scheduling, intraday management and gives interface to agents for their special needs such as shift swaps.


  • Quality management.

To log the quality monitoring results and generate operational reports can be a lot of work. Using a quality application developed specifically for call centers can help the quality executive rate the call, help the manager review reports and take actions.

The application accommodates multiple projects, each with its assessment sheet and quality elements rating and generates intelligence reports per as most repeated problems and inquiries.


  • Voice recognition.

Wouldn't be nice to be able to mark tough calls for handling customers and learning mark great calls for referral and satisfaction management? Our voice recognition can scan recorded calls and Identify key positive and negative words within calls.



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